Panda Express Kung Pao Chicken Recipe

This is a recipe for KUNG PAO chicken, very easy and very delicious, Panda Express inspired it also if you want to see this recipe then let's get started.

Besides the Panda Express Orange Chicken, what else do you think of? That must be the Kung Pao Chicken, that’s right. Why do I love chicken so much? ha-ha.

This is a recipe for KUNG PAO chicken, very easy and very delicious, Panda Express inspired it also if you want to see this recipe then let’s get started.

Panda Express Kung Pao Chicken Recipe

To start this recipe, it’s pretty simple, it’s kind of similar to a stir-fry. I’ll have all of my ingredients in the description box of what I use, but for this recipe, you need to have at least some boneless chicken thighs, if you can’t get your hands on that, then some chicken breasts would be nice. I did prepare my chicken, I’ll have that also in the description box and then make it easy on myself.

Panda Express Kung Pao Chicken Recipe

Panda Express Kung Pao Chicken Sauce

I decided just to use some KUNG PAO chicken sauce, and this is the Lee comedy bang that I have in this pan. Here is some vegetable oil mix including a little bit of sesame oil. What you need to do is crank this all the way high and once your pan is really hot, you can go ahead and throw in your chicken. What this does is just give the outside of the chicken a really nice crispy texture.

Here I’m just placing my chicken, there is no strategic thing to it, but you need to make sure that your chicken is spread out flat on the pan as much as possible so that the sides can cook evenly. If you want you could chop this up before you throw it in the pan, it’s actually a lot easier and actually a lot faster.

But I think that this way the chicken doesn’t dry out. So if you cook the chicken the way that I did, then at this time you can go ahead and cut it up into pieces, do not snag a piece because it is not cooked fully. It’s going to cook thoroughly when we throw it in with the veggies and the salt.

Using Some Veggies

What I did here is just transfer my chicken and throw in all of my veggies into this deep-dish pan, all you need to do is just mix it all together and cook this on a simmer. Now that our veggies are nice and soft you can go ahead and give that another toss, and then add in the sauce. I just give it a toss and make sure that all of the veggies at the bottom come to the top.

So you don’t overcook it and they don’t become mushy. At this time you can turn down the heat to low and let it simmer for 10 more minutes, so the sauce can be absorbed with the veggies and the chicken.

After 10 minutes your mixture should bubble and look very delicious at this time, you could go ahead and serve it or you can set it on the side until you’re ready to eat it.

You could serve this with some CHOW MEIN noodles that would be good, or some fried rice like Panda Express does, but I just kept this simple with some white rice.


No matter how to make this Kung Pao Chicken, it will be very delicious. As I said, as long as you like, you can add anything. Chicken breast is the best choice for chicken. If you have fried peanuts, it must be a perfect match. In fact, the authentic Chinese Kung Pao chicken has this peanut.

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