Panda Express Orange Chicken Burrito Review

The Panda Express Orange Chicken, I don’t need to say more, you know it’s delicious. Today I’m going to tell you about Panda Express Orange Chicken burrito.

The Panda Express Orange Chicken, I don’t need to say more, you should know it’s delicious. Today I’m going to tell you about pancakes made of orange chicken. Yes, it’s the Panda Express Orange Chicken burrito.

YouTube’s on social media peep this out at the Panda Express innovation kitchen in Pasadena California to take a look at their orange chicken wrap, or as it’s more commonly known as the orange chicken burrito, and what it took a burrito it is.

Panda Express Orange Chicken Burrito Review

A Warm Scallion Pancake Wrap

It starts off with a warm scallion pancake wrap, that’s loaded up with mixed greens before moving on to your choice of protein. In this case, a nice heaping portion of their famous orange chicken, it’s then topped off with a bunch of crispy wontons to add even more crunch to the mixed greens.

In my case, I opted for some fried onions for additional flavor before being finished off with some chili sauce, all that’s left is to just wrap it up and it’s good to go. If you’re a fan of Panda Express how could you not like something like this? I mean especially in burrito form before I take that first bite to give you my thoughts like I always do, let’s get right up on it first for a closer look.

For A Closer Look On Orange Chicken

Let’s keep this out Panda Express wraps up, the good stuff to go here at their innovation kitchen with the orange chicken wrap, also known as the orange chicken burrito, and feast your eyes and the gloriousness that this is with its scallion onion wrap taking the place of the tortilla on the outside, this thing is loaded to the brim with mixed greens.

Panda Express Orange Chicken Burrito Review

We’ve got a full portion of orange chicken in here fried wontons, we’ve got some fried onions, a little bit of chili sauce, and it normally comes with pickled cucumber which I actually left off, but you’ll have that much more to enjoy if you’re into that for sure.

But this one is absolutely loaded with that orange chicken goodness that Panda Express is known for and the smell that it’s giving off.

Try A Burrito From Panda Express

As it split in half here is glorious in and of itself, but there you go. It’s the orange chicken wrap aka the orange chicken burrito, here at the Panda Express innovation kitchen.

Let’s peep out this flavor that scallion pancake smells fantastic, I am super excited to try this right now a burrito from Panda Express, and it’s orange chicken, no less. Let’s do it.

That chili sauce is on point, it’s that light sizzle in the background on top of the familiar flavor of the orange chicken here at Panda Express, and I’m definitely digging the mixed greens along with the fried onions, and that’s all in the first bite, talk about an even distribution that’s going for another one. It’s definitely messy, so be prepared, but man, this is completely worth it.

Something weird about having orange chicken without a fork without chopsticks, kind of cool though, but I got to say that scallion pancake is an amazing choice and it completely fits the theme over here at Panda Express, a Chinese burrito with the flavor pop of orange chicken.

Scallion Pancake Wrap Is Something Very Unique

This is seriously something delicious, come on, you didn’t think I’d forget about those close-ups, did you get right up on this one? I really hope this goes national, I do believe that scallion pancake wrap is something very unique, especially when it’s done in the way that it is over here at Panda, it completely fits with the menu.

It’s packed with that orange chicken goodness, how could you not want to try this and for the two of you out there? Who doesn’t know what orange chicken is? It’s essentially bite-sized pieces of chicken that are battered up, and then fried, and then drizzled with a very tasty orange flavored sauce, with a little bit of spice thrown into the mix as well.

But they’re delightfully crunchy, very juicy on the inside, and now you can get it on the inside of a burrito at least at the innovation kitchen here in Pasadena California, hopefully, something nationwide Panda Express.

Highly Satisfying And Very Worth The Price

If you’re watching this you need to be doing this nationally, this is truly something delicious. One more shot of the inside of this one is a true flavor explosion, and that’s even without the pickled cucumbers, but like I said you can definitely add that if you wish, but on its own, everything that I got in this one is highly satisfying and very worth the price, definitely digging that scallion pancake wrap, little light oil on the inside of it, really really good.

Let’s get back to business to give us the rating that I personally think this deserves. On that bomb sexy for your face scale of one to ten, the orange chicken wrap, aka the orange chicken burrito, here at the Panda Express innovation kitchen in Pasadena California, it’s going to cruise to the top with an easy 10 out of 10 shockings.

Satisfies With The Complete Panda Express Experience

It completely satisfies with the complete Panda Express experience in the palm of your hand, all wrapped up very nicely inside a very flavorful scallion pancake, wrap that, takes the place of a traditional tortilla. This is absolutely the theme of this restaurant easily, and the flavor like I said is off the chart and that’s in addition to the fried onions that I added to this one for even more flavors.

If your fans have had to express in general, and especially orange chicken, you owe it to yourself to give this one a shot, but of course that’s just my opinion as always. Now that you’ve checked this one out with me is an orange chicken burrito, something that you’d like to try, and for any of you that may have already given this one a shot.


Anyway, this Orange Chicken burrito in Panda Express is delicious. Whether you eat in PandaExpress or make your own recipe at home, I believe that you will eventually experience the happiness brought by delicious food.

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