It’s The 3rd Item Free At PandaExpress

It is showing how to create your free entree coupon for Panda Express, and how to use a receipt to participate in an online survey to get double free coupons.

It’s The 3rd Item Free at PandaExpress

This is the third time I have been given a free main. I don’t usually look for the Panda Express coupon code. Panda Express has an official activity, which is to do feedback activities of Panda Express. You can get a free entree item, it’s called

How to create your free entree coupon for Panda Express? If you’re a fan of Panda Express restaurants, you’re going to like this.

It's The 3rd Item Free At PandaExpress

The average price at Panda Express is about $5.99 for a two-entree meal. however, did you know that on the backside of your receipt, they ask you to participate in an online survey? You can use the phone also, but if you take one minute to go online and answer the questions on their survey, you’ll get a free entree item with the purchase of two items on your next visit.

That’s a third entree item if the Panda Express for free. that’s free food they’re giving away, and believe it or not, a lot of people just toss away the receipt and never take the online survey. that’s a lot of free food going to waste.

But check this out one day, I went to Panda Express and I noticed on the back of the receipt that it had two red boxes, while I was eating lunch I thought we have one survey code on my receipt, and you need the survey code to go online and take the survey, too bad, I don’t have two survey codes.

I thought to myself if I had two survey codes I could go online and do a couple of surveys, and then I can have two coupons for my next two visits well. I broke the code and I figured out how to get a second survey code while I only had one receipt.

I figured it out shortly after I was able to compare two receipts side-by-side, and I noticed that only the first four digits of the survey code were different, while the rest of the numbers were the same.

Panda Express Online Survey

So I went online to the Panda Express website to enter the survey code, normally if you’ve never taken the survey before, it takes about five minutes, but after you take the survey for the first time and become familiar with the questions, which never change incidentally, you should be able to speed through it in about a minute.

Like I’m doing so, after speeding through the survey in about a minute, you’ll be given a valid authorization code at the end of the survey, which you’re supposed to write in the little red box on the back of your receipt. Then you go back to the Panda Express website to take another survey again.

It will ask you for a survey code, but instead of using the same survey code, remember to change the first four digits, like in our example here, we used 1571 for the first time, next time we go and we’re going to try 1570 or 1569 or 1568, get it and that’s much simpler.

You speed through another survey in about a minute, and before you know it you’ll have two coupons, and the next time you go to Panda Express, they’ll give you another receipt and you can turn that into another two coupons. Keep doing this and you’ll build up a lot of extra coupons because you keep doubling up giving them away to your friends, they’ll appreciate it, share the wealth. The only thing you need to notice if you only have 48 hours after your purchase to go online and do the survey.

However there’s no expiration date that I can see for when to use them, and they’re redeemable at all participating Panda Express restaurants. So I always get a third entree for free when I go to Panda Express because I always have a ton of free entree coupons.


Panda Express meal voucher feedback activity is really good. I have given feedback many times and enjoyed the free entree item. You will get more discount in the way I said.

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