PandaExpress Orange Chicken Burrito

By Gavin | October 17, 2018

I saw a video on Facebook and it can't express the newest creation the orange chicken burrito, but they're only doing it at the Hacienda Heights location in California, and we live here in Hawaii, and we know it's going to take forever for it to catch on. So we thought we'd get the ingredients and try and make it at home.

We're pretty much just following along with video, but we have our tortilla and then you add the base, and then what do you want orange chicken or do you want the shrimp orange chicken? Okay, a little bit of the shrimp and some veggies, now we wrap it, you creepy person and there we are, what do you think? Is it one of Panda expresses best ideas? Ever pretty good, it just tastes like Panda Express and them with bread, I want to do this again, picked all right and goods that I'm still rather just getting in a plane.