Panda Express Brown Steamed Rice

We have a plan as a family, and we do it every year. We made a promise that we were going to eat healthily this year. That is after everybody started complaining about getting tired while asleep and gaining weight.

It can be complex as a family, especially since everyone has a different food liking. All my kids love noodles and rice. They have it every day. As for my husband and me, we love chicken. Whether dining in or out, most of our meals are chicken dishes.

Panda Express Brown Steamed Rice

Do you have health goals? Do you make them alone or with your family? You must do it. Staying healthy is very important; one way of doing that is by watching what you eat. By doing that, you keep your weight on the cheek hence keeping diseases at bay.

So, do you find yourself struggling with how you are going to eat healthily? It can be stressful because you don’t know which food is good and which is not. We had to sit down and analyze what is healthy to eat and what to eliminate from our cooking in my family.

About The Brown Rice

Yes, as much as my husband and I love chicken, we consume a lot of rice as a family. In each meal that we eat, we must have rice in it. What made us more worried was that the rice we were cooking was white.

We decided to research the alternative of that. It was either we do without rice or look for a healthier option. I came across the brown rice theory in my scrolling and reading and shared it with my family.

They were excited, and we went for it. Since then, we have made progress. Together with exercising, we have been losing weight gradually. Brown rice is a healthier choice if you have rice in your household. You have a lot to gain when you consume it.

Unlike the white rice grain, the brown one has a lot of fiber and resistant starch. It is the kind of starch that boosts metabolism and gives you energy. The white one is known to have a lot of empty calories. They are the highest in a dish and don’t get burnt to give you the energy you need.

Panda Express Restaurant

Another challenge we had as a family was where to dine. My family and I love to eat out a lot. We make sure we have at least two nights out as a family for a meal. Having teenagers in the house means you get to spend time with them so that you can know what they are up to.

We are in love with Chinese food. I mean, who doesn’t? The food is delicious and of different types. You always have something different to eat each time you choose Chinese. We have Panda Express near us, and that has become our favorite destination.

Their food is out of this world. Very delicious and a lot. With teenagers who love eating, I find the place pocket-friendly since the food is a lot at an affordable price. They have a warm atmosphere with friendly workers and a beautiful interior when you walk in.

Above all the beauty and the workers, we fell in love with the menu. If you are a cautious consumer like we are, you would love what they have. Their menu has a lot to choose from. Each time you go to Panda Express, you will have something different to eat.

Nothing is more satisfying to a weight watcher than to know what you are consuming regarding the details. The state carefully what you are getting when you finish a particular dish. That gives you a chance to calculate and know the number of calories you take.

Our worry was done with when we came to know that they offer healthy dishes. From the large vegetable bowls and the way, they prepare their food. They mind the client’s health and want them to consume healthy and beneficial food for their body.

Panda Express Brown Steamed Rice

All the years, they have been serving white rice. They use rice in many bowls as a side dish for various chicken and beef entrees. It has been a tradition for them to do it since rice is considered a staple food of the Asian people. That is why Chinese meals are full of rice.

When they reached 30 years of faithfully serving their customers, they announced the entry of brown rice into their menu. That was a way of changing their menu into a healthier one. That was one of the many changes they made after serving for 30 years.

People receive brown rice very well. They see it be a better option than white rice. Though critics say whether brown or white for as long as it is fried, it’s not healthy. Many people online have welcomed the move and are into the change.

Nutritional Information

When you want to lose weight or maintain the one you have, you should look at the nutrition of the specific meal you consume. That is why I love the Panda Express menu because you will have an insight into what calories and other nutrients you will take with the meal.

According to Panda Express, you will consume the following nutrients when you walk inside their premises and decide to have the Panda Express steamed rice.

  • Calories-420g
  • Fat-35g
  • Sodium-15mg
  • Fibre-4g
  • Protein-9g

According to the dish’s nutritional value, it is zero in calories, and when you look at the other nutrients, they are low enough for your daily intake. That means you can comfortably consume the dish with no worries.

My family and I were so pleased when we saw the news about brown rice. After struggling to find where else to have a healthier option to dine out, it was an answered prayer. We go there and dine with no worries about what we are consuming.

Healthy Tactics Used In Making The Panda Express Steamed Rice

One may wonder just how beneficial the dish is. That is because when you are dieting, you tend to be picky about what you eat. That is why I decided to dig for more information about the dish. From the ingredients, they are cautious in what they are serving;

Using Brown Rice

That is one of the notable things that you can observe. The use of brown rice indicates that they are trying to give you an excellent choice. That is because brown rice has a lot of fiber, enabling digestion, unlike white rice.

The Use Of Cheese

Unlike oils to fry, cheese is a healthier option than the regular oil we use. That reduces the average amount of fat n the meal. Healthwise, cheese is good for your body too. It adds to the goodness of the food.

The Use Of Vegetables

Vegetables are always recommended when it comes to losing weight. That is because they are low in calories and high in vitamins and other nutrients. Having them in the dish means that the overall world is healthier and softer in calories for you to have.

Ingredients used to make Panda Express brown steamed rice
Now that you have seen the tactics, it’s time you read how the dish is made. That will give you an insight into what is involved in making the dish. The ingredients are fewer and available for you if you want to cook the dish at home. The following elements are used for the meal;

  • 2/3 cup brown rice uncooked.
  • 11/3 cup of water.
  • 2 eggs were beaten.
  • 2 tablespoons butter.
  • 2/3 frozen peas and carrots thawed.
  • ¼ teaspoon white onion, diced.
  • 11/3 tablespoon soy sauce.
  • ¼ teaspoon sesame oil.
  • Salt to taste.
  • 2/3 green onion, diced.

It is good to know the ingredients. If you are a cooking freak like me, you can always cook the dish at home when you don’t have the time to dine out. The good thing about the word is that it takes less time to make, making it a go-to meal when you are hungry and need a quick dish.

Panda Express Brown Steamed Rice

How To Make Panda Express Brown Steamed Rice

  • Put water into a bowl or a pot and put it on fire to heat. Please bring it to a boil, and once it is boiling, put the brown rice in and stir.
  • Stirring occasionally, the rice is boiling to prevent it from being sticky and lumpy at the bottom of the pot. Once all the rice is et, simmer the heat and cook for 20 minutes to be ready. Could you place it in a large bowl and set it aside?
  • If you have previously boiled rice at home, you can skip the above step and go for the following.
  • Scrabble the eggs in a skillet on the heat with one tablespoon of butter.
  • Chop the scrambled eggs into pea-size pieces using a spatula or what you are stirring with
  • Put the scrambled egg into the boiled rice with the thawed peas and carrots—dice with the white onion.
  • Melt the remaining butter in a skillet over medium heat once it is hot.
  • Add the rice mixture to the melted butter and cook for about 2 minutes.
  • Aside, mix the soy sauce and the sesame oil in a cup.
  • Sprinkle evenly onto the rice mixture and continue stirring for 6-8 minutes. Cook until the mixture is evenly brown.
  • Once you are done, season with ground white pepper and salt to taste.
  • The rice is ready, remove it and garnish with green onion.
  • Serve while hot and enjoy.

What To Remember When Cooking At Home

Use leftovers

I assume you use brown rice, right? If you have leftover rice in your fridge, the recipe is a fantastic way of making your family eat the rice. There is no reason to boil rice afresh if you have some. Just remove it from the fridge and use it for the dish.


If you don’t have what Panda Express uses for cooking, you can use what you have. That means you can use the regular pan instead of the skillet mentioned above. You can also use your source of heat for cooking.

Use veggies of your choice

There is no set rule as to what vegetables should be used. That means you can use the vegetables that you love most. You can also use the quantity that you refer to. If you are on a diet, the more veggies, the better the dish. Pay around with what you see that best suits the meal.


The meal involves a lot of stirring, and you need to be careful while doing that. As much as you are enjoying making the meal, your safety should come first. Be careful.

If you are trying to stay healthy b checking your weight, you need to be cautious about what you eat. If you are a fan of eating rice, you should go for brown rice as it is full of good starch and fiber. If you dine out, go for Panda Express brown steamed rice. A good option for you to try for a healthy you.

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