Family Party With Panda Express

Family party with Panda Express, it would help family-friendly and offers a package for you. At Panda Express, they have a Panda Express feast for you.

Do you have a brother or a sister who you fight with every day, who you can walk many miles to see, or who you can stay a day without a call from them? I have a sister who I love so much. We fight a lot, but I miss her when she is away.

My mum and dad have constantly been criticizing our relationship. When we are together, we argue, fight, and even remain without talking, but we miss one another a lot when we are away from each other. She is like my twin. Our bond is unique.

The unit of the family is unique. Being united by blood is a special bond that exists. Belonging to a family gives you a sense of love, security, and belonging. My mum always taught us to treasure and cherish the family bond that we have.

Family Party With Panda Express

I remember we used and still do spend time together. Occasionally we go out and have a meal or go to my mum’s place and laugh the whole night off. That way, we catch up and get to know what each of us has been up to. Those moments are so special.

Family Time

Once I grew up and got a family of my own, I vowed to teach my children the value of a family and how important it is to spend time as a family. My husband comes from a close family, so we decided to instill that in our kids.

We always take the time to spend together. We know that in today’s life, it is challenging due to our busy schedules. They have school, and we have got to work, but we always look for time to spend together. We go for a hike together, a sports day or have a meal.

Dining together is one of the easiest things you can do together. That is because you all have one thing in common, you are hungry. That becomes your binding force. Like in my family, it is a rule always to eat supper together.

We have done so for many years, considering I have small kids, and it works wonders. I get to know how my kids spend time at school, and we also get to pray together. One thing that was a challenge to me but I overcame is the aspect of dining out.

Dining Out

We were so used to eating in the house that I remember the first time we went out dining with our first two kids, and we had to walk away from half the meals. That is because our kids were uncontrollable and could not stay still.

We later realize that it is we who did not start teaching them early how to dine out. With the other two kids, we started early, and they adopted. Now we have family time with no stress. Whether we are eating in or out, they have adjusted to eating and are fine.

Importance Of Dining Out As A Family

Dining out can be stressful to parents, especially young kids, but it is a brilliant time to spend time with your family. The following are the benefits of dining out as a family;


Yes, that is one thing I had to learn the hard way. You are teaching your kids how to behave while in public. The way your kids behave while at home will surprise you from how they behave while in public. That is why they need to be exposed to both environments.

Occasionally, you need to dress them up and go out for a meal. Teach them how to eat and interact with the environment. They will grow with the etiquette and will not give you stressful times in the future. If you haven’t started the routine, try it now.

Building Social Skills

Your kids need to be ell rounded growing up. They need to see, and here ho you are, your partner communicates with people. They will learn and start to do as you do. The way they treat people, respond to other people. That will go a long way in helping them in the future.

Let them say high to the waiters, order their meals if possible and learn to say thank you. Those small details are vital in building the communication skills of your kids. They will also help them in the future to blend into society when they grow up.

Treat Or Celebration

Teach our kids how to behave and do good. When they do that, we treat them with a snack or a toy. How about you start treating them with going out. It is a good way of showing them you appreciate what they have done and continue doing good.

Family Party With Panda Express review

Intend of the average home birthday celebration, and you can also have their birthday celebration done outside the house. Arrange to have it at your nearest restaurants and bring in a friend or to so that they can celebrate together.

Building Social Skills

Kids need to have social skills. They need to learn when they are small and grow to practice them. My daughters are shy. They keep people a lot and always pray together. They had a rough time even adapting to their school environment.

When we started going out often with them, they opened and started being social. We could send them to call the waiter, make them order what they want, and eventually, they could socialize with their peers.


Where else will you teach your kids to be nice to people, how to order, that bills need to be paid once you eat? They need to learn by doing them. Kids learn faster when they do things practically other than in school or the house.

Give them money to pay for the ice cream that they ate, have them pay for the movie ticket, or have them master the process of queuing for a meal. Things they see happening in the environment have an impact on how they relate to it. You will be surprised as to how much they learn with a single out.


Two of my kids are teenagers now. They always come home early for dinner. That is because I have made it a tradition always to have dinner together. They always have at the back of their mind that we go out for a meal every Wednesday and Saturday night.

They anticipate and even say what meal they will order. It will help if you keep your kids with the same anticipation. It is a nice feeling, and it excites them. To kids, the thought of going out for a dish out of their norm is a good feel.

Fun Time

Memories are made with what e do together. Every time you go out and eat together, it should be fun and exciting. Order a delicious meal and eat together. Tell each other funny stories, dance and make merry. Family time should be a fun time.

Kids can be fun to be with, and the things they do make you laugh always. Like my small son always sleeps while eating, the big siblings should make fun of him. It is hilarious and something to laugh about. Make dinner time a fun time for everyone.

No Dishwashing

Yes! Here I say hurray. There are no dishes to be washed for the night. I always look forward to the two nights a week. I get to rest and enjoy the meal without the thought of dishes piling up in the sink. If you are like I am, not into dishwashing, it can be good for you too.

Weekday Specials

Due to our frequency of going out, we have our favorite restaurant where we have our food. We have been loyal customers such that we have special offers every week for us. that encourages us always to go out and take advantage of the offers.

If you have a restaurant near you that always has family offers, you should take advantage of that and take your family out for a meal. You will have fun, eat, and all at a discounted price.

Panda Express Family Feast

It is a place to be with your family if you want to enjoy authentic Chinese meals. The Panda Express has been doing an extraordinary job to make sure everyone who walks at their premises walks out full and satisfied. That is by offering the best of what they have.

I am talking about their food. They have mouth-watering dishes that will make you go for more. Each time you are there, you get treated to a ray of different entrees that will make you complete and leave your mouth bursting with flavors.

Panda Express Family Feast

What I love about them is the family feast package. It is very convenient for the family unit, and once you get to know about the deal, you will always anticipate taking your family out for a meal. A family feast is a package of selected meals at a fixed pocket-friendly price.

Hen you walk in with your family, you are welcomed, and depending on where the Panda Express is, you are shown a family section where you get to sit as a family. You will be given the family feast package, which comes with three large entrée and two large sides.

If you have never been to Panda Express, here is what you should know. Panda Express serves large servings that make you full in one serving. Now, when you get the large servings and have kids, you can comfortably share, and everyone gets full.

Benefits Of Panda Express Family Feast


The purpose of the package was to make the parents afford to take their kids out for a meal. Many parents see there is no need for ordering a full entrée for a kid, only for them to eat one bite and get full, that will be a waste of both money and food.

With the family feast package, they can share. It comes in full but complete with side dishes that are also full. That way, you can share among yourselves and end up full and happy. What is impressive is that the package always has an offer you can take advantage of every week.


Panda Express always ensures to balance the package. It comes with proteins, vegetables, an appetizer, and carbohydrates. If you have worried that it might not be suspended, remove your worries. The meal is balanced, and your family will have all the nutrition they need


Like any other Panda Express dish, it is very delicious for you and the kids to enjoy. The cooks carefully put the ingredients to come up with a delightful dish. Kids love eating something sweet, and with their signature orange chicken breast, they will indeed have fun.

Always Has Offers

There is always an offer for the package. When you look online at their website, there is always a certain percentage of the dish. That means you will always spend less when you decide to dine out. They encourage you to order online or use coupons which is convenient for them and you.

Easier To Dine Out

They have made it possible for you to dine out with your family with no stress. You will not have to struggle to look for an excellent place to eat. Just walk into any Panda Express joint and ask for the package or go online and make reservations, then you and your family can go and enjoy.

What you should remember is to have some extra cash with you if you have a large family. This is because you may be forced to add some bowls to the meal for you all to be satisfied. Alternatively, you can have two family feasts.

A family is a particular unit that should be cherished. Spending time together is vital for you to bond. An excellent way to spend time together is by ding out. It would help if you had a place that is family-friendly and offers a package for you. At Panda Express, they have a Panda Express family feast for you to walk in and enjoy.

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