Panda Express Bowls

Panda Express bowl food is healthy, with a bowl, you get to serve food in portions. Exercising portion control carrying around a bowl gives a sense of fullness.

You are hosting your colleagues over for a dinner event. What do you have in mind? You have a reason to be. Hosting people over at your house is not an easy thing. It would help if you got something to avoid any embracement.

First, you need to make the place look good. Good-smelling flowers will do. It would help if you also kept your decorations looking good.

If you have a invent planner, it will be easier for you. that way, you’ll work together to pull this off. It would help if you came up with a room arrangement that will suit all your guests. Your setting will be influenced by the meals that you will be serving that day.

Panda Express Bowls

Serving Food

Gone are the days when people used just to put food in their mouth, get packed, and walk away. People put value in the way you serve them food. Through your presentation, it can make people eat or choose to walk out.

Food presentation also determines your sitting arrangement. Yes, for your guest to eat, they need to be comfortable. That is why you need to present the food so that your guest will be satisfied while eating your delicious food.

They know that you need to look for the most straightforward yet modern way of serving your food. Think of how best you can do the dishes you have without inconveniencing your guests. From what is your guest going to eat food.

Suppose you are working with an event planner. Am sure they suggested the use of bowls, right? Yes, they too know that is the new thing in town. Everyone is hosting people and wanting to impress going for the bowls. To learn more, you need to read along.

Bowl Food

It is the new thing in town. People are tired of the big round plates that always fill the table while serving. Bowl food is serving food that can be eaten in a few mouthfuls. It is putting many flavors in one bowl to impress the person eating the dish.

Bowls are modern and versatile, suitable for any event. Whether it’s a wedding, birthday party, or hosting dinner like you are about to do, they come in handy with convenience. Restaurants have also embraced the concept of using bowls.

They use it to cope up with a change of things. Though there are many more benefits that come with bowls, many restaurants have changed the way they serve their clients. That has seen the customer embracing the bowl concept more and more.

Benefits Of Serving Bowl Foods

So, what is it about bowls that have made people change their minds about plates? What do you gain by serving or having your food in a bowl? The following are the benefits of performing or having your food in a bowl;

Cope With Changes

Time is changing. People are going out of the norm when it comes to how they are doing things. You used the bowl to have breakfast cereals, soup, or ice cream in the olden days, right? Things have changed. Bowls are seen to be elegant and modern.

That explains why even the royals are adopting the use of bowls. In recent royal weddings, we have witnessed the use of bowls to serve food for the guests. You also don’t want to be left behind, do you? Well, you better adopt the use of bowl food too to serve your guest.

Panda Express Bowls


Yes, that is one of the reasons why your event planner suggests the use of bowl food. You use the bowls. You don’t have to set up a whole dinner table for your guest to sit down. You only need a high table for your visitors to rest their drinks while they eat.

In your setting, you need more space for your guest to mingle. Just like the royal wedding where they use the bowls to create room for guests to move around, you also need to use serving to allow your guest to mingle and make friends.

Panda Express A Lot In One Bowl

You get to sample a lot of food in a simple bowl. If you are planning to serve your guests a balanced meal, a bowl will give them smaller portions of each part of the dish for them to eat. In the end, they will be complete and will have all the necessary nutrients for their body.

Panda Express Bowl Food Is Healthy

For dieters, it will be friendly to them. That is because, with a bowl, you get to serve food in portions. You will get all the foods available but in small quantities; thus, exercising portion control also carrying around a bowl gives a sense of fullness; hence you don’t get to eat a lot.

A bowl can cooperate proteins, whole grains, vegetables, carbohydrates, and a sauce on top all in one bowl. It is convenient while serving a large group of people and kids. Kids don’t have to carry along a big plate while only needing a portion of the food.

Panda Express

For you to understand the bowl concept, you must learn from the way restaurants do it. If you are going to serve a large crowd, you need to know how eateries do it because they serve large groups too. A good example is the Panda Express.

If you want to have Asian cuisine with an American twist, you need to go to Panda Express. Having been in the industry for over 25 years means that they have learned a lot. They have gone through many changes to cope up with the people’s demands.

They have made changes to the menu to fit what the customer wants. That is why they keep adding more entrée into the menu to ease their clients. They have also refurbished and made their premises look more appealing to the customers for them to enjoy while they eat.

Changes have been done including the way they serve the food. They have gone the extra mile in knowing how their customers want their food served, and that is why they have adopted the bowl concept. How do they do it? This is how.

Panda Express Bowl

Every time you walk into Panda Express, you have the menu to choose the food you want to eat. Each food entrée has its price and nutritional content. From kung pao to orange chicken breast, you will have all sorts of presumptuous meals to choose from.

You also have a choice to make your bowl. Yes, they understand that sometimes you can be served food only to start removing what you don’t want, or you can be served more than you need. That is why they are giving you a chance to choose what you want to have.

That is what they use as a bowl. For you to put what you feel like eating at that time. It comes at a lower price than the main entrée depending on what you have chosen. According to reviews online, people prefer the use of a bowl to going for a full entree.

Reasons Why Panda Express Uses Bowls

You many wonder why Panda Express also opts for bowl food, right? Why don’t they pick a plate and serve their customers? The followings are the reasons why pada express uses bowls instead of vessels in some servings.

For Customization

At times, you need to make your plate. Just like in the buffet setting, you also need a chance to walk into a restaurant and pick what you want to eat. Picking means you want a taste of a different combination that is not on the menu.

Besides ordering a full entree for you to choose what you want, Panda Express gives customers a chance to customize their bowl and pay for it. You can have smaller portions of each dish available at a friendly price other than going for full plates.

Customization has made some customers loyal to them. That is because they get to choose what to have at an affordable price. With that, the customer will leave their premises full and the desire of their taste buds satisfied. The client will always come for more.


Many critics have applauded the use of bowls. They understand not all meals are healthy at Panda Express. Some dishes are high in calories, and caution needs to be taken when eating the meals. That is why a bowl is necessary for such situations.

When you are on a diet, you exercise portion control, but that does not mean you cannot enjoy a meal at Panda Express. You can walk in and have your bowl with a portion of what will go with your dietary plan. You can have lots of veggies in it and enjoy it.


Yes, with a bowl, you can move around, or you can stand and it. In many pandas express during the rush hours, sometimes it is hard for you to get a sitter for you to sit. That is what a bowl comes in handy in such a situation.

Having your meal in a bowl means you need less space for that. You will not have to walk around looking for a place to sit. In some panda, it is so squeezed, or you don’t have enough space to sit and enjoy the meal. That is what a bowl will be easier for you to handle.

An Alternative To Wrap

That goes for the burritos and other wrap snacks. If you opt to have it in a bowl, chances are you will have a lot further than having it wrapped. If you want to have the snack within the Panda Express premises, having it served in a bowl will be convenient.

A burrito or tackle is served in many layers. There are protein, carbohydrates, and some vegetables. You don’t want to go spilling your wrap content all over you while you eat. Having it in a bowl prevent incidences like that.

Impressive Presentation

We all know bola is pretty. With the way they are embroidered, they end up being impressive pieces of art. Asian communities are known to use bowls, and because of that, they make beautiful bowls to serve the food they produce.

Panda Express serves Asian dishes. They go the extra mile in making sure the bowls that they use to have an Asian theme. That makes the beautiful and impress the clients. Every time you are served a delicious meal in such a beautiful bowl, you enjoy eating the food in it.

Panda Express also does its share of work. The cooks present the food in a bowl in a way that will impress the client. That is by carefully placing the food portions and garnishing them before they serve the customer. If you have one of their bowl dishes, you will want another and another.

If you are hosting people over at your place, you need to impress them. That means doing everything right. Serving your food in the right utensil will go a long way in aiding you. Bowl food will be great. You will serve portions to your guest and have enough space for your visitors to mingle. Learning from the Panda Express bowl will help you know how well you will perform with the bowl.

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